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fall 1932 Renesselaerville Falls.jpg
This photograph shows Goldring wearing typical field attire as she sits at the top of Rensselaerville Falls in New York.

Times-Union Salutation.jpg
Brief article from the Times-Union announcing Winifred Goldring's appointment to State Paleontologist in 1939. This was probably copied from the clippings saved by Marion Goldring, Winifred's sister-in-law, about her promotion.

1914 poetry pamphlet image Lepidosegillaria:Naples Tree.jpg
Featured in a 1914 publication of Arbor Day -themed poetry, this image of a Lepidosigillaria, or Naples Tree, restoration represents the museum's approach to Devonian exhibits in the early 1900s. What was termed restoration then might be more…

lobby exhibit panel old.jpg
As of the time of this exhibit, May 2012, the New York State Museum has a pillar display about the Gilboa fossils that compares Goldring's interpretation of the Devonian forest to recent interpretations by museum staff. This image shows a partial…

roadside street view.jpg
A roadside exhibit in the spirit of Goldring's still exists. It was last renovated in 2001 and continues to be cared for by the Gilboa Historical Society. It is a source of pride in the community.

Too Big To Leave.jpg
Some recent finds are still encased in rock. This one sits outside of the Gilboa Museum as part of a display similar to the roadside exhibit.

museum stumps.jpg
Despite the decision not to move the Gilboa forest exhibit with the rest of the museum in the 1970s, the New York State Museum still owns several Gilboa stumps. Along with the other fossils that Goldring collected during her career, these serve as…

1927 Clapp roadside exhibit ideas closeup.jpg
Goldring worked with Sidney K. Clapp, an engineer, to design a roadside exhibit in Gilboa. This is one of his sketches, as the layout of the final project was becoming clearer.

fossil feature 2.jpg
One of the fossils at the Gilboa History Museum is displayed upside down so that its root system and impressions of the nearby forest floor can be seen.

Goldring notes on roadside exhibit pg1.jpg
Page one of a long document announcing the new roadside exhibit, likely a rough draft.
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