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HarleyDavidson photo.jpg
Winifred Goldring in a motorcycle sidecar during field research. E.J. Stein, who took the photograph, acted as her driver and assistant in the field. The exactly year and location of the photograph is not known, but it is thought to be from before…

Devonian Gilboa Forest- Kristin Wyckoff.jpg
This is an artistic rendering of the Devonian forest by Kristen Wyckoff of the Gilboa Museum, based on instructions by Dr. Stein, a current New York State Museum paleontologist and spokesperson for the team of scientists who recently made new…

Gilboa Forest b&w.jpg
The Gilboa Forest exhibit was the State Museum's largest display. It was 36 feet wide, 25-30 feet tall, and 16-18 feet deep. Running water added sound, giving it a sense of realism. Goldring sent images such as this to her colleagues and friends…

handbook fossils inside cover feature.jpg
The inside cover illustration from Winifred Goldring's Handbook of Paleontology for Beginners and Amateurs, Part 1: The Fossils, published by the New York State Museum in 1929. The second volume dealt with stratigraphy and rock formations.  Goldring…

lobby exhibit panel old.jpg
As of the time of this exhibit, May 2012, the New York State Museum has a pillar display about the Gilboa fossils that compares Goldring's interpretation of the Devonian forest to recent interpretations by museum staff. This image shows a partial…

field notebook 16 -brief road cut notes.jpg
Excerpt from one of Goldring's field notebooks. The outside cover reads:
"New York State Museum
Field Notebook No. 16."

The inside cover of the notebook reads:

"Hamilton with G. A. Cooper
Jul. 24- Sept. 5 1938
Port Jervis to…

gaspe notebook, page 18.jpg
The cover of this notebook reads, "N. Y. State Geological Survey, Albany." The work contained is from Goldring's 1922 trip to the Gaspé region of Canada. The page demonstrates the incorporation of sketches into Goldring's field notes, a common…

Goldring notes on roadside exhibit pg1.jpg
Page one of a long document announcing the new roadside exhibit, likely a rough draft.

Goldring rendering seed fern.jpg
This sketch was known as a restoration - the application of scientific study to create an interpretation that 'restores' the once-living plant that a fossil represents.

Simple scale showing the division and chronology of geologic time as it is understood in North America. The Devonian Period occurred from roughly 410-360 million years ago, though opinions differ on the exact years.
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