A Blockbuster Exhibit

Gilboa Forest Exhibit- Black and White Print

Courtesy of the New York State Museum

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On February 12, 1925, the New York State Museum held an invite-only event celebrating the opening of its new exhibit, a large, three-dimensional recreation of a Devonian forest. The exhibit placed fossils salvaged from a dam-building project in Gilboa, NY into a simulated geological and biological environment using rocks, running water, and a colorful painted backdrop.  It immediately became a hit among both museum visitors and geologists.  

Rensselaerville Falls 1932

Winifred Goldring in 1932. Photo courtesy of the New York State Museum.





What many casual visitors probably didn't know was that their favorite display had been designed by a woman, Winifred Goldring.  At the time the work began, Goldring held of the post of Assistant of Paleontology. Through this and other projects, however, she rose in prominence, becoming the first woman appointed to the position of State Paleontologist in 1939. 

What type of work did Golding do as a paleontologist at the New York State Museum?  What was it like to be one of the only women in her field?  How did she apply her research to exhibits, and why is Goldring's work worth remembering todayClick "next page" or follow the section links above to find out!

A Blockbuster Exhibit